Our Staff

Craig Neale – Personal Profile

Craig first trained as a physiotherapist in 1987 at Auckland Technical Institute after leaving Gisborne Boys high.  He then went on to complete his advanced training in Sports Physiotherapy at Curtin University, Perth, Australia in 1996.

Since that time he has solely worked in Private Practice in England, Australia and Auckland.

He has worked with a variety of Sporting teams including the New Zealand Cycling team, The New Zealand Knights Football in the Australian NFL, Waitakere United National League, Waitakere City Football Club and most recently the Harbour Heat Basketball National League team.

He served as the President of the Auckland Branch of Sports Medicine New Zealand for 6 years and currently still serves on the executive.


In his spare time Craig competes in Triathlon, Mountain Biking and Multisport.  He was the Presiden of Black Sands Triathlon Club, still serving on the executive and squad swims at West Wave Aquatic Centre. 

As the Director of Hobsonville Physiotherapy, Craig is dedicated to bringing the highest standards of care, rehabilitation and patient education.

If you have any concerns about your injury or related issue, please contact him at work on 416 4455 or    e-mail: physio@hobsonvillephysio.co.nz

Hope Mead – Physiotherapist

Hope trained at Auckland Institute of Technology, graduating with a Diploma of Physiotherapy in 1992. She has worked in Private Practice since 1995 with a general interest in sports, work and lifestyle injuries. Hope is a member of the New Zealand Manipulative Physiotherapists Association and Sports Physiotherapy New Zealand.

She continues to attend regular courses and conferences to ensure that she remains current with the latest therapy methods. She lives locally and is married with three boys.

Over the years she has been kept busy coaching, managing and supporting the boys and her husbands sporting efforts. The boys are currently involved in playing hockey at school and college level, rugby (Massey Rugby Club) and swimming (RNZAF Swim Club).

Keeping fit and active to keep up with the growing family sees Hope playing social Netball, jogging and walking, completing several half marathon walks over the years.

Hope is dedicated to finding solutions for all of your injury concerns.


Amanda Baker – Physiotherapist  Ridgway Method Certified Practitioner   

Are you looking for a different approach to solve your injury or pain? Have you tried other therapies with minimal outcomes? Are you looking to find out if you can avoid the possibility of surgery?
Amanda Baker is a Ridgway Method (RM) Certified Practitioner. She trained in this process in 2011 and uses it thoroughly and successfully assess and treat musculoskeletal conditions in the quickest time frame possible or to find out very quickly if you need to be seen by someone else to solve your condition.
Amanda Baker has a wealth of musculoskeletal knowledge and experience. She graduated in 2001 as a physiotherapist but it was only after she specialised in RM that she realised she could solve conditions faster and often get even better results. Amanda has been trained in the most effective manual therapy techniques for assessing and treating nerve irritation, a common condition that is often over looked and misdiagnosed.

Nerve Irritation
As well as seeing clients Amanda has assisted on RM courses, she consults for other musculoskeletal therapists and works closely with other health professionals to ensure her client’s best outcome. She is currently the only Ridgway Method Certified Practitioner in NZ.

Amanda commonly assesses and treatsClient
• Back and neck pain
• Headaches
• Nerve Pain
• Shoulder pain
• wrist pain
• hip, knee, ankle and foot pain
• ‘growing pain’
• ‘shin splints’

About Pain

1. What should I expect in my first session?
The first session will typically be at least 1-2 hours long. In this time Amanda will follow a step by step process to ensure nothing is missed. This may at the time feel like a long process but it saves time down the track. You will move through this process at a pace that Amanda can ensure you are informed and understand each step and also to ensure thoroughness in order not to miss any possible cause of your condition. Prior to the initial assessment Amanda recommends a 10-15 min phone consultation to establish an understanding of your condition and to give you a chance to ask any questions.

2. Will I get treatment in the initial assessment.
Yes, treatment is part of the assessment. You will be assessed repeatedly throughout the process to ensure that and treatment techniques being used are making real time changes and that these changes hold within the session and also at follow up.

3. What happens after the initial assessment
You will have a clear understanding of what is happening with your condition within 60-120mins (complicated cases up to 180mins). From there we will make a plan. This plan may require up to another 240mins of treatment or referral onto another practitioner/specialist or for appropriate investigations.

4. What payment options are there.
Payment is normally requested at time of the consultation.
Due to the nature of the treatment it is often advised to have a few sessions in quick succession. We do have payment plans available because we believe limited finances should not prevent you from having the treatment you deserve. Please contact us if this is something that you are interested in.

Testimonial:  Noah’s Ridgway Journey  teaching

Noah was unfortunate to fracture both legs in 2015. His right leg was due to going down a water slide and being sandwiched between a girl who came down too quickly behind him, and our friend who was catching him at the bottom. 15 weeks later, he fractured his left leg from a rebound on a tramp. Noah was rehabilitated through swimming and also through Osteo for nearly a year but he always complained of leg pain and struggled at swimming through the tightness in his body. Noah’s peers were rapidly advancing in Noah’s swimming lesson and Noah was rapidly falling behind with his ability to do the basics. He also lost a lot of confidence in the water and then wasn’t happy about his weekly swimming lessons.
We were lucky to meet Amanda at swimming who would often discuss Noah’s rehab with me and she could see firsthand the struggles Noah was having and the impact it was having on him. Amanda would often say to me, I would love to have a look at Noah to see if I can help him. Amanda explained what her treatment was and gave me homework to research it if I would be interested. I decided to finally bite the bullet and meet with Amanda and I must admit, I am so grateful that I did. Amanda immediately found Noah’s area’s of concerns and said to me before she started, this will either hold in 3 sessions and we will continue, or it won’t and I won’t waste your time. It was that upfront honestly that I really appreciated.
Thankfully in 3 sessions I could really see a difference in Noah and his ability to move more freely in his body and limbs and he has never since complained of any limb discomfort. We have only seen Amanda 7 times which astounds me the results we have received in less than 2 months vs a year of Osteo with no obvious results. Noah is never in any discomfort whilst Amanda is working on him and he is always happy to go back to see Amanda. It is such a heartwarming feeling as a mother to see your child out of pain and back to leading a normal life. Noah is also starting to progress again through his swimming and finally starting to enjoy it. I would highly recommend Amanda to anyone that isn’t benefiting from their normal practitioners services.
Ann-Maree Donnellan


Amanda Baker
Ridgway Method Certified Practitioner


Emma Mackie – Physiotherapist  MPhty (Sports Physiotherapy), BHSc (hons) Physiotherapy

I am an adopted kiwi having moved from Ayrshire, Scotland 8 years ago to Hawkes Bay and then recently moving to the big smoke of Auckland.

I have been working in sports physiotherapy for several years and I have a Masters of Physiotherapy (endorsed in sports) from Otago University.  I have a special interest in sports rehabilitation and injury prevention.

I have recently been working with triathlon Australia and their high performer athletes both in Australia’s and traveling abroad to races.  

I enjoy all sports and I have been a physio for many teams from basketball to rugby.  I am a keen triathlete having competed for both Great Britain and New Zealand at an age group level in both duathlon and triathlon.

Lauren Peet – Podiatrist   Lauren_Peet

Lauren Peet has recently joined the Hobsonville Physiotherapy team and
opened Hobsonville Podiatry within our practice/premises. After 5
years of working in private practice she decided it was time for a new
challenge! We look forward to having her bubbly personality around the

So what is Podiatry? It is a branch of health care focussing on the
foot and lower limb. Podiatrists are trained to diagnose, treat and
rehabilitate as well as provide advice regarding the prevention of
conditions of the foot and lower limb. These conditions could include,
but are by no means limited to:

plantar fascia pain

achilles tendonopathy

forefoot metatarsalgia



general foot pain

dropped arches or flat feet


osgood sclatters

Lauren prides herself on providing a thorough assessment that pays
attention not only to the lower limbs and feet but also to the pelvis,
back and shoulders as these are often influenced by foot position and

Lauren is on the verge of completing her Post Graduate study in
MindBody Healthcare at AUT University and brings this knowledge into
her practice. She is acutely aware that health and wellbeing is
influenced not only by physical entities but also our emotions,
thoughts and our way of being in the world (or our spirit). She is
very interested in the role stress with regards to inflammation and
how emotional stress can perpetuate and exacerbate injury.

Lauren enjoys being active and is currently in training for this
summer’s ocean swim season. She also enjoys walking, yoga, surfing and

Call 09 390 4184 or 0220441741 to book an appointment or to speak to
Lauren or check out the website www.hobsonvillepodiatry.co.nz  

Debbie will not be taking appointments for Hobsonville Podiatry.


+64 9 390 4184
+64 22 044 1741
Level 1, 124 Hobsonville Road
Auckland 0618

Our Practice Manager – Debbie

debbieDebbie has been with us since 2006 and has a wealth of experience and knowledge in managing a clinic environment.

If an injury is sustained as a result of an accident she is an expert when it comes to dealing with ACC in regards to completing the correct documentation, generating claims and giving you the correct information and informative advice in regards to your claim.

Should further information be required from ACC due to the claim being generated by another medical practitioner Debbie is only too happy to phone ACC on your behalf to get that information e.g. ACC claim numbers, exact date of injury, whether the claim has been accepted or not, number of treatments you may have already had at a physio clinic elsewhere, number of treatments you’re entitled to, etc.

On a personal note Debbie knows first-hand what it is like to deal with ACC due to injuries she has incurred over the past few years.

debbie-cyclingShe has had claims accepted and declined so due to this personal experience she can empathise with people when it comes to making claims of their own.
Debbie lives locally, is married to Andrew and has two adult children, Chris and Chloe, who have all been regular clients at our clinic.  She has been a great supporter at the Massey Rugby Club where Chris has played as a junior and senior and she’s also supported Waitakere Football Club where Chloe played for 6 years.

Andrew is a referee for North Harbour Rugby.

Debbie also likes to keep fit and has completed a few duathlons and fun runs in the past, she also goes to a local gym or you may see her striding out around the streets of Royal Heights and West Harbour.

She loves to socialise with a glass or two of Sav in the weekends and enjoys her annual family camping holiday at Tauranga Bay.

If you have any queries regarding ACC, treatment, fees, appointments, or if you would like to make a booking, do not hesitate to contact Debbie who will be happy to assist you.

Mireille – Massage Therapist

Mireille is a mother of 2 children, 4 cats, 1 dog, 1 Cockatiel, 4 chickens and 2 rabbits.  She also competes at an Elite Level in Cycling and is currently the NZ Masters Champion in Time Trialing.  For the 2012 season she is turning back the clock to race open womens against the best in the country.

mireilleMireille has worked as a massage therapist for over 18 years.  Her love of sport drew her to helping others achieve their goals through improving recovery and performance.

Her training was through the Auckland College of Massage, and  Auckland University of Technology.  She has worked with a number of elite athletes within the sport of cycling and triathlon through her own involvement.  Through her experience she understands the benefits of massage for both recovery and relaxation.

Mireille loves what massage offers clients and the variety of people she deals with through all walks of life.  She likes to share the benefits for the body through increased blood flow, ease of tension and much much more.

A healthy work life balance can be achieved through a relaxed approach.  Part of this approach includes regular massage.

Christine Davis – Neuromuscular Therapist

Christine trained at the New Zealand College of Massage and over a number of years completed a Diploma of Body Therapies and in 2009 a Bachelor of Health Studies (massage & neuromuscular therapy). Her areas of interest include migraine and headaches and the effects persistent stress has on the body. Christine is passionate about her work and believes manual therapy such as NMT can complement other rehabilitative treatments. “I enjoy working with the team at Hobsonville Physiotherapy, their ethos of combining therapies where appropriate provides the best possible outcome for each individual”.