For two year I have been hampered with an on going leg injury.

I am 73 years of age and over that time every form of treatment that was suggested to me failed until I went to the Hobsonville Physiotherapy Clinic and was treated by Craig.

The moment I walked into the premises I sensed the homely atmosphere which made me feel very relaxed.  After several visits and with Craigs expertise, I was aware that my injury was improving.

My hobby is dancing, so having on leg not up to par is very debilitating.  My weekly visits are a very pleasant experience, always being taken on time and leaving feeling on top of the world.  Having had the problem for so long, I realise I need to be patient but I am thrilled with the progress so far.

I am confident that the treatment I am receiving at Hobsonville Physiotherapy is proving to be right for me.

Elaine – Senior Ballet Dancer

I am a Senior Citizen who has over a period of weeks attended and on site gym exercising and muscle Building to help my postural problem.  The individual Guidance with Craig has been superb.

I am now focusing well, eating well, sleeping better, have much more energy and most importantly walking a lot straighter, holding my shoulders, back and head up.  Not Slouching.  FANTASTIC!.

I would highly recommend this program as the benefits are amazing.


In 2007 at the World Hip Hop International Dance Championships (LA Original), I hit my face after coming down from a double back flip which caused my body a huge amount of discomfort, even 6 years later.

Craig and Mireille at Hobsonville Physiotherapy really take the time to cater to what my body’s needs, focusing on the root of the problem to benefit me in the long run.  They get right to the sore spots and take care of business!

“Your only as old as you think you are.”

Thom Hip Hop Dancer