Carllyn Mother-Accountant

Carllyn Mother-Accountant
August 14, 2014

I am 48 years old and have been a client of Hobsonville Physio for over 10 years. I have arthritis and fibromyalgia.

Both these conditions flare up from time to time.  Initially I came to see Craig when a flare up occurred, which normally meant I couldn’t move. However as my condition became a bigger part of my life so did my visits to Craig.

I have been very resistant to exercise. Craig has been very patient with me and slowly changed my attitude to fitness.  He has designed a gym routine which I do at his premises once a week as well as other exercise at home that he advised I should do.  This routine is changed from time to time depending on my fitness level and the need to work on a certain part of my body.  It has at times been two steps forward and three back due to my health but Craig always encourages me. I have come a long way.

Craig has also used the technique neural clearing during our sessions.  This has increased my movement greatly.  You soon notice the improvement during daily activities.  Like being able to reverse the car without turning your whole body. Loosing movement in your body happens so slowly that you do not notice it.  A few session of  neural clearing and I noticed what I could now do, it was sudden and quick for me.

I now by choice see Craig on a weekly basis to keep my health condition as stable as I can.  I do already refer clients to Craig and will continue to do so.  Everyone I have referred, is just as happy with Hobsonville Physio and its staff as I am. All staff are friendly and helpful. There is no other Physio I would refer my family and friends to.