Noah’s Ridgway Journey

Noah’s Ridgway Journey
April 6, 2016

Noah was unfortunate to fracture both legs in 2015. His right leg was due to going down a water slide and being sandwiched between a girl who came down too quickly behind him, and our friend who was catching him at the bottom. 15 weeks later, he fractured his left leg from a rebound on a tramp. Noah was rehabilitated through swimming and also through Osteo for nearly a year but he always complained of leg pain and struggled at swimming through the tightness in his body. Noah’s peers were rapidly advancing in Noah’s swimming lesson and Noah was rapidly falling behind with his ability to do the basics. He also lost a lot of confidence in the water and then wasn’t happy about his weekly swimming lessons.
We were lucky to meet Amanda at swimming who would often discuss Noah’s rehab with me and she could see firsthand the struggles Noah was having and the impact it was having on him. Amanda would often say to me, I would love to have a look at Noah to see if I can help him. Amanda explained what her treatment was and gave me homework to research it if I would be interested. I decided to finally bite the bullet and meet with Amanda and I must admit, I am so grateful that I did. Amanda immediately found Noah’s area’s of concerns and said to me before she started, this will either hold in 3 sessions and we will continue, or it won’t and I won’t waste your time. It was that upfront honestly that I really appreciated.
Thankfully in 3 sessions I could really see a difference in Noah and his ability to move more freely in his body and limbs and he has never since complained of any limb discomfort. We have only seen Amanda 7 times which astounds me the results we have received in less than 2 months vs a year of Osteo with no obvious results. Noah is never in any discomfort whilst Amanda is working on him and he is always happy to go back to see Amanda. It is such a heartwarming feeling as a mother to see your child out of pain and back to leading a normal life. Noah is also starting to progress again through his swimming and finally starting to enjoy it. I would highly recommend Amanda to anyone that isn’t benefiting from their normal practitioners services.
Ann-Maree Donnellan