Sophiemarie – Mountain Biker

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“I am a 21 year old competitive mountain biker and for several years I have been going to Hobsonville Physio.  A few months back I had a fall off my bike, which I came away from with what I thought was just a few bumps and bruises.
However recently I experienced discomfort in my lower back and leg and it started to affect my riding, some mornings I couldn’t put the power on properly and the pain even started waking me up during the night. At this point I got in touch with Craig at Hobsonville Physio and he responded instantly. After just two sessions and some specific exercises, the pain has diminished significantly much to my relief! I’m sleeping so much better and I can sprint up those hills faster than ever. 🙂 
Craig has been very helpful with other areas as well over the years and it always amazes me how quickly he identifies the problem and addresses it.”

May 26, 2014