The Ridgway Method.

The Ridgway Method is an advanced ‘problem solving’ process to find the underlying cause of a condition.  The process assesses all possible ‘contributing factors’ for your condition in order not to miss anything.  Testing is then performed to establish which contributing factor is the most significant in your condition and this then treated to achieve results in the quickest most effective way possible.  This process also teaches you how to monitor and manage your main problem areas most efficiently.

The RM process applies to all musculoskeletal pain / symptoms / injuries.  The process may appear different to other approaches, and this is to be expected for very different, more rapid results.

RM services explained:  Ridgway Method services are designed for your most thorough, rapid, and long-lasting results possible.

FAQ:  Commonly asked questions around the process and who it is most appropriate for.

About Pain:  Although the most dominant symptom, directly treating pain has huge variability of results and inconsistencies.  A new understanding and explanation of why this may be the case.

Certified Ridgway Method Practitioner
Paradigm Trained in Ridgway Method
Amanda Baker
Certified Practitioner in the Ridgway Method
Craig Neale
Paradigm Trained in the Ridgway Method